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SubjectAbout the CP ESL-Bilingual Program 
English as a Second Language (ESL) - Bilingual Program

Tracey Goldberg, Sandy LaCasse, Susan Richardson
and  (ESL aide)

The ultimate goal of ESL/Bilingual Education (ESL/BE) instruction at Community Park School is for our English Language Learner (ELL) students to be able to comprehend and participate in their mainstream classes, using both informal and academic English.

The ESL/BE Program at Community Park School is a multi-faceted program in which students are provided with English language learning support. Some of our newest arrivals who are Spanish-speaking students also receive conceptual knowledge building instruction in Spanish.  Instructional support in their native language will help these students to ultimately be able to participate more fully in our academic programs, as English is mastered. 

Students are assessed using multiple measures, including ACCESS a state mandated evaluation tool, and provided with instruction and/or support programs that meet each individual student’s needs. 

Models employed may include Pull-Out classes, individual instruction, Inclusion(in-class, two teachers), In-Class Support, and transitional support for students who have recently exited the ESL/BE program.

Students receive 30 minutes of ESL instruction per day.  Additionally, those receiving Spanish bilingual services receive 45 minutes of Math instruction and 45 minutes of Language Arts instruction.

Staff includes two full-time ESL/Bilingual teachers, one part-time bilingual teacher, and one instructional assistant.

For more information please call 609-806-4230.  Spanish speakers may call 609-806-4222, #1.